IBIS is the UK's first consultancy specialising only in building materials problems.
Ancient and modern constructions are catered for by a comprehensive service covering both internal and external environments.
One unique aspect of the IBIS service is the combination of geological and surveying skills allied to experience gained from the investigation of many different problems. IBIS is also part of a network of small independent specialists and can recommend the right expert if a particular problem is considered outside our own field of knowledge.





IBIS believes it is alone in the field of building materials investigation regarding the ability to get the expert where it counts. With IBIS the experts are trained in industrial roped access, meaning there is no third party surveying and misunderstanding of observations and problems. The expert can get close to the problem quickly and access areas that may be unobtainable by other means.

IBIS was set up in response to those companies offering a wide range of services that also happen to incorporate the investigation of building materials. It is IBIS's belief that focusing on one specific field means that a higher quality, more expert and streamlined service can be provided.

Importantly, IBIS is not burdened by the need to support in-house testing facilities and therefore can be more objective about testing regimes. IBIS also has extensive experience of UKAS accredited laboratories and can select or recommend those with appropriate facilities and testing knowledge.



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