Architects - materials advice at all stages of construction.
Builders - resolution of problems with building materials and methods.
Conservators - identification of materials, advice on decay mechanisms.
Government - advice on use of materials, investigation of existing property.
Designers - prediction and avoidance of problems
Legal - expert witness services in range of fields, particularly stone and slate.
managers - problem investigation and maintenance advice.
Insurers - providing solutions to reducing risks involved with construction.
Merchants - identification and assessment of new resources.

  Property owners - surveys, including roped access, of deleterious materials.
Quarriers - investigation of existing and new resources.
Roofers - advice on roofing problems, assistance with slate selection.
Roped access companies - provision of expert who 'abseils'.
Specifiers - advice on use of construction materials and problem avoidance.
Stonemasons - all aspects of stone masonry covered.
Surveyors - highly specialised materials surveys including roped access.
Test houses - provision of pentrographic services to high technical level.